Petzl // Alcanadre, 45L Pack

(RRP: 274.35)

  • 5" high
  • 21" wide
  • PERFECT FOR CANYONING: The ALCANADRE is a comfortable 45 L pack designed for transporting canyoning equipment.
  • DURABLE: The welded structure, unbreakable aluminum buckles, and thick fabric provide greater strength, durability, and resistance to wear.
  • COMFORTABLE: The ALCANADRE features a lined back panel, padded shoulder straps, and a sheathed carrying handle for maximum comfort. There's also a removable waist strap.
  • ULTRA-ATTACHABLE: A multi-position lanyard attaches the pack and is accessible from the inside or outside. Additionally, it features two colored rings inside the pack for attaching rope ends.
  • SMART DESIGN: The bottom and sides of the ALCANADRE have built-in drainage holes for efficient water evacuation.
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