OZtrail // Treksmart Series Sleeping Bag

(RRP: 1 Season - $139.95, 2 Season - $159.95, 3 Season - $179.95, 4 Season - $199.95)


Specifically engineered for extreme conditions, the full mummy style construction ensures your sleeping bag fits you like a glove – vitally important to conserve body heat, as you are not heating up any void space in the sleeping bag. The zip length is carefully optimised to minimise the entry of cold air too. Designed specifically for the maximum warmth from the minimum weight & size. Non-allergenic MicroSmart® ultra-fine performance microfibre fill ensures down-like insulation properties without the bulk and will continue to insulate even if wet.


Dimensions: 57-80 x 220cm
Colours: Blue/Black, Green/Black, Burgundy/Black

One Season Bag
Min. temp. rating: 0°C
Packed dimensions: 14 x 21cm
Weight: 1kg

Two Season Bag
Min. temp. rating: -5°C
Packed dimensions: 17 x 29cm
Weight: 1.3kg

Three Season Bag
Min. temp. rating: -10°C
Packed dimensions: 19 x 29cm
Weight: 1.6kg

Four Season Bag
Min. temp. rating: -15°C
Packed dimensions: 20 x 37cm
Weight: 1.9kg
Outer shell fabric: 40 denier 290 thread count polyester with water resistant base
Inner shell fabric: 290 thread count Siltec® breathable inner lining for soft silk-like performance with the durability of modern fabrics
Filling: 75 gsm MicroSmart® ultra-fine synthetic fibre fill (extra layer for each season)
Carry bag: 210D Polyester cap top compression bag

MicroSmart® fibre is made up of two extreme microfibre filaments. Both are finer than silk and less than 1 denier in weight (Denier is the weight in grams of a 9 kilometre length of the fibre). The MicroSmart® fill is a thin ultra-dense layer of these micro filaments that traps air into micro-cells preventing heat loss due to convection or conduction and acts as a barrier to cold air penetrating. This microfibre technology allows for the most compact carry bag size for a given temperature rating so you have less to carry.
• Ultra-fine non-allergenic MicroSmart® Fill for maximum insulating properties (extra layer for each season)
• Zip two sleeping bags together to make a double
• Soft touch 40 denier 290 thread count polyester outer shell with water resistant base – engineered to keep the cold & damp out while still letting fresh air circulate
• Siltec® breathable inner lining for soft silk like performance with the durability of modern fabrics
• Cocoon style hood with an elastic draw cord to keep you cosy & warm
• Handy internal pocket for storage of valuables
• Eziglide™ zip guard prevents the zip snagging during operation
• Mummy shape ensures your sleeping bag fits you like a glove and you don’t waste body heat on heating up empty space
• Chest collars prevent warm air escaping
• Twin draft tubes over zip lines help prevent cold air seeping in through the zippers
• Overlapping foot zip reduces any cold spots and the twin zipper head allows full adjustment of the foot zip from both sides to regulate body temperature
• Velcro closure at top of the sleeping bag keeps the bag around you allowing you to control the temperature by adjusting the zip
• Cap top compression bag included
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