Discount Codes

If you have received a Discount Code from us, then please follow these steps to use the code.

1. When you have finished your shopping, go to your cart. You should see something like this:


2. Now, either click "Check Out", or "PayPal Check Out".

3. If you click "PayPal Check Out", you will need to go through the initial sign-in and payment before you can enter the discount code.

4. After you have done this, you should see this screen:

5. Enter the discount code in the box on the right labelled 'Discount', like this:

6. Then click the 'Apply' button. If you have done it correctly, you should see something like this:

7. If you have entered the code incorrectly, you will see this error message:

    If you have any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.