MSR // MiniWorks EX Filter

(RRP: $235.05)


The best-selling filter on the market, delivering long-lasting, fully field-maintainable water filtration.

The MiniWorks EX Filter is the worldwide best-selling microfilter, delivering long-lasting, field-maintainable water filtration in demanding environments. Engineered for frequent and heavy use, it utilises our workhorse Marathon™ EX carbon/ceramic element to ensure clean, reliable and taste-free water. Thanks to its innovative AirSpring Accumulator™, it’s capable of pumping one litre per minute and the flow rate can be renewed easily and repeatedly in the field – no tools required. It’s lightweight and compact and, most importantly, been proven reliable by thousands of adventurers just like you.


Weight: 456g
Colour: Smoke
Flow: 1L/min
Effective against: Protozoa, bacteria, particulate, chemicals/toxins
Filter media: Ceramic plus carbon
Filter pore size: 0.2μm
Size: 19 x 7cm
Testing: Meets NSF protocol P231 for removal of bacteria (99.9999%) and protozoa (99.9%) from beginning to end of filter life in “worst-case” water
Reliable: Durable carbon/ceramic element ensures safe, taste-free water – even with frequent, heavy use
Field-maintainable: Can be cleaned repeatedly for full filter recovery with no tools required
Fast Flow: AirSpring Accumulator™ increases filtration speed; up to 1L per minute
Better-tasting Water: Carbon core removes unpleasant tastes and odours caused by organic compounds, such as iodine, chlorine, and pesticides
MiniWorks EX Filter Overview

Filter maintenance

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